Providing Pilgrimage, Class or Event Coordinator with what they need 


Working towards providing clients, students, or initiates, with the best service possible whenever there is an event on the property, we want to prepare everything they might need to make the most out of their time with Don David.

From past experiences, we have learned that when they are not particularly good at pinpointing what they may need beforehand, once engaged in their activities or within their ritual space/time, people can stumble upon these stressful situations we want to avoid.

We also want to reduce the instances when people just take things from the office or kitchen without previous notice, as it happened before when things went missing or were not taken care of properly. Identifying who took something in particular, has been particularly problematic when there are different groups engaged in several activities, when something goes missing, like a French coffee press, scissors, or extension cords.

To address this the point person will be asked to fill in a form before the group’s arrival where they will be able to request the items we generally provide during their stay in Tepoztlan, engaging with Don David and their specific activities.

Everything on the list will be prepared for them and ready before the Arrival Dinner, laid out on the Service Reception Area, to be signed out by the point person. After finishing their activities, the same person will need to give back whatever needs to be delivered and sign the same form.

Should something go missing we will be able to ask the point person/group to replace it.

This will help everyone to focus on the important details promptly, releasing some stress and eliminating problematic situations that might be encountered when specific things are not addressed on time. Especially when we need to get things that are not available in Tepoztlan and require us to get them from Cuernavaca or even through a delivery service, or when we realize that the group left and our equipment is not there.


1. The point person will be asked to fill in the form that is included on the Event’s Page mini site within our Keeps the Fire website. (this)

2. Consultorio will then receive a list of the things needed. 

3. Everything is prepped and setup to be ready upon their arrival.

4. The EVENT FORM is printed out and left besides the items on a clipboard in the service reception area.

5. Point person will sign it upon receival.

6. Point person will sign it before their departure or after cleanup.

Before your arrival To ensure you have the best experience during your time engaging with Don David Wiley in Casa Xiuhtecuhtli, we would like to verify that the items we can prep beforehand are taken care of and cleared off your to-do list.

Please check off all the items you need to be prepped for your arrival and during your stay.

These items will be delivered to you, and you will be responsible for giving them back to the office if applicable.

Should you arrive after office hours, we will leave everything you request in the service area on top of the Reception Counter inside the office. Should this happen, please sign the form on the clipboard. If you need an item not listed below, we generally provide, please specify what it is in the box marked as “Other items.”

Requirements List

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