Fiestas 2022 / from 8 to 12 September

Host: Sacred Fire

Point Person: Lisa Lichtig & Linda Felch
Phone: ‭‭

Venue: Casa Xiutecuhtli 

SF Events Director: Lois Hurley

Thank you for offering to host Grandfather Fire & Don David Wiley!

On this mini site you will find the logistics information for the Fire and links to Support Documents for Hosts & On-Site Assistants. 

We strongly recommend you please read the Short Host Orientation for a Grandfather Fire document, that was created to guide Promise Holders through the needed steps in organizing everything effectively, hopefully without losing a step!

We appreciate you also offering to host a Healing Day for Don David. You will also find the corresponding Support Documents that will allow his Healing Day On-Site Assistant to set up the space where Don David will be offering the Healing Appointments.

The schedule for the day will be populated by the office once the appointments have been confirmed.

Don David Wiley will have his Patient Card Travel Case with him, with all the cards he will need.

The final Healing Day Schedule will be confirmed 3 days before the date, to avoid any overlap and misunderstandings. Should you receive any last-minute cancellations and have people interested in getting a Healing appointment, it will be up to the Host & On-Site Assistant to find out from David if the patients can be included in the schedule.

Don David’s PayPal account is – in case any patient asks for it.

Do not hesitate to contact us in case you need anything else.

After the event, please schedule a post-event call with the Office.

All and any feedback is greatly appreciated in order to make the best out of your time and efforts in hosting Grandfather Fire & David!

Don David Wiley’s Staff


-Support Documents

-Healing Day Patient List

-Walkthrough day by day

-Contact info

NOTE: To download the files click on the PDF icons!

Support Documents


In this section you will find all the support documents you need to host the Healing Day and the Fire Speaks. 
Please let us know if there’s something you feel might be missing, your feedback is valuable.

David’s Diet

GFF Docs / Sept 4

Ritual Pilot: Annie King
Ritual Manager: 
On-Site Assistant:


Click On each PDF ICON to open 

Host short orient for GF

Ritual Manager Checklist

On-site assistant support document

Hot Chocolate

Healing Day Documents

On-Site Assistant: Ashley Bies
Instant Messaging:

Healing Day On-site Assistant Support Document

Confidential & sensitive information

Please take into consideration that Don David’s Patient’s names, contact information & other sensitive information you can have access too during your time assisting or helping organize the Healing Day in your area is confidential and should remain this way.

Healing Day Schedule / September 2

IN-PERSON HEaling appointments last 45 minutes & the exchange is 200 USD


9:00 am     Andrew Shaffer 
9:45 am 
10:30 am  Ashley Bies
11:15 am Jane Wollack
12:00 pm Rob Bringleson

12:45 PM – 1:45 PM LUNCH BREAK

1:45 pm   Katieri Mc Cue
2:30 pm   Aileen Green 
3:15 pm   Sean Green
4:00 pm 
4:45 pm   Chris Griffin

On-Site Assistant: Ashley Bies

Thank you for making it possible for the people in your area to have the opportunity to access this indigenous traditional medicine!

Walkthrough PDF

This document contains all the details needed for David & his Onsite Assistants to identify where, when & how David needs to be in a certain place. It includes addresses, names, phone numbers, times, and reservation confirmations.


Contact us directly via Whatsapp 


Mexico Line

+52 (739) 395 1501

US Line

+1 (678) 528 8315

Thank you for everything you do!





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